What is Modge Podge or Mod Podge, its Formulas, and Uses?

What is Modge Podge or Mod Podge, its Formulas, and Uses?

Are you wondering, “what is Modge podge?” Are you a newbie in the field of decoupaging and just came to know about this new thing named “Mod Podge” in fact? 

Most beginners consider Mod Podge a cranky thing due to its name. But believe me, if you keep the name aside, there isn’t anything tricky at all. 

It’s an all-rounder decoupage medium, a synthetic resin that's made by polymerizing vinyl acetate, originally spelled as “Mod Podge.”  It’s a complete set of sealer glues to help you with all types of art and craft projects, no matter how huge they’re.

Need a detailed note on “what is Modge Podge; what are its variations; or how you can use it?” No worries! 

We’re here to help all the beginners and even the intermediates with this comprehensive guide on Mod podge, its uses, variants and all the other necessary information. 

Don’t you think it’s time to dive into the world of Mod Podge Now? So let’s go! 

What is Modge Podge (Mod Podge, Infact)? A Detailed Answer

Whenever you hear the word Mod podge, the first thing that should knock your mind is “all-in-one glue” that you can apply using Mod Podge tools. Yes, it’s glue, but its meaning doesn’t end here. 

Beyond glue, it’s a clear acrylic sealer and a finisher for your arts and crafts projects. It won’t go wrong if we say it’s the backbone of all the decoupage arts. Want to know how it performs all these three functions? Why not?

How does Mod Podge Work as a Sealer? 

When it comes to sealing any art work, Mod Podge isn’t just restricted to work on plastic, paper, fabric, terra cotta, glass, ceramic and wood surfaces. But it can also magically seal painted wood, and do embellishments for other things. Once you try it, its sealing properties will surely amaze you. 

Mod PodgeWorks as a Glue too! 

The second inspiring job of the Mod Podge is to act as glue. You can use it to glue various things on your craft projects, like flowers, beads, ribbons, papers, cards, clothes, and much more. 

How Can Mod Podge Act as a Finisher? 

Mod Podge can let you say goodbye to the rough surfaces of any projects or designs. Apply a layer of this finisher with side-to-side brush strokes. 

Allow it to dry, and you’ll get the best-finished surface that will give a smooth look. So yeah, it's also the best finisher, not just glue and a water base sealer.

Does Mod Podge Have Its Variants? Yes!

You’ll find Mod Podge in a variety of finishes. The main three of them are: m

  • Matte finishes that come with a yellow label;
  • Glossy finish and a red-coloured label wrapped around the jar; 
  • Orange label gives a satin finish. Satin gives you a finish that is in between Mod Podge glossy and Mod Podgematte. 

All three have the same usage; the only thing that makes a difference is the finish. 

Apart from these, it has other variants, including the dishwasher safe and the one. 

Wait for a second; how can we forget to discuss the Mod Podge ultra? The ultra version of sealant glue is available in the form of a spray.

Mod Podge Formulas Guide

Gloss, matte, and satin all fall in the category of classic Mod Podge project formulas. You’ll see their formula overlapping in some other variants. These variants, along with their formula, are discussed below. 

Mod Podge Gloss Luster Luster: Water Base Finish

Mod Podge Gloss Luster Luster is a water-based sealer and is the most famous among all other glues from the Mod Podge family. Whether it's about sealing puzzles, protecting dry flowers or diamond dot painting for indoor storage, the glue does a wonderful job. 

It gives an awesome mirror-like finish to your projects. If you’re new to trying Modge Podge, you can start with it! 

Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

The dishwasher-safe Mod Podge gives a gloss finish. You can use it for the things that need to be washed with a dishwasher and frequently come under water, just like the decoupaged wine glasses, mugs, plates, or anything else. 

But make sure not to coat your items with Mod Podgeat the part that comes in contact with your mouth or food. 

Mod Podge Antique Matte

With Mod Podge Antique Matte you can get a lasting finish for your handmade projects without investing much in overpriced finishers. Even a single coat of this variant can leave an artistic look by providing a highly textured finish. 

Mod Podge Paper

Did this ever happen to you that your glued images, cards and papers become yellow after some time? That's where the decoupage tissue paper projects make a difference from the regular one. 

If you make more advanced paper projects and want an extension in the life of your project, paper Mod hPodge Is what you need to have. You’ll find it with a gloss and matte finish. 

Mod Podge Outdoor

Mod Podge Outdoor is best for projects that are to be kept outside. It has its key feature of protecting your projects from moisture. So it is better to use this medium for sealing your projects. 

Mod Podge Sparkle

Do you feel your crafty projects are incomplete without a sparkling finish? No worries, you can opt for the sparkle Mod Podgethat has glitz in a gloss base. This glitz is due to minute hologram glitter pieces. Even a single coat can give a rainbow effect and an eye-catching shine. 

Mod Podge Ultra 

Want to come out of brush strokes while decoupaging? You should give Mod Podgeultra a try that's available in spray form. The things that give it the title of "ultra" include its easy spray application, high durability, and high versatility. And yes, it’s non-tacky as well. 

Mod Podge Glow in the Dark

After working so hard on your kids’ decoupage project, do you want to enhance its beauty with a glowing effect? Yes, it’s possible. 

All you need to do is to buy a Mod Podge Glow in the Dark. Give your project a single coat of this medium, place it in a dark place, and you’ll be amazed by the glowing effect it has. 

Mod Podge Furniture

Regular Mod Podge might not be a good fit for the furniture. If you want the best finishing, you must go with a furniture Mod Podgespecially made to decoupage furniture. You can opt for Mod Podge matte, satin or gloss finish according to your choice. 

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter

Not everyone is a matte lover. And to be honest, not everything looks good in matte finishing. Sometimes, you badly need a glittery finish to complete a galaxy-themed project. You can opt for the extreme glitter Mod Podgewith ultra fine glitter particles in such cases. 

You can use it on any colored surface, but the glittery effect looks unrivaled when used on dark surfaces.

Mod Podge Hard Coat

Hard coat Mod Podge on drying gives a super tough coating that provides extra protection to your projects. It’s best for projects that need special sealing. 

Its high durability makes it a leading option to use for furniture, including dressers, tables, and other stuff like this. 

Mod Podge Fabric

There’s no doubt that fabric decoupage gives a more classy effect than paper or wood. And if you’re a fashion freak, you surely want to have some cool shirts and jeans decoupaged with your favorite designs. 

For this purpose, you’ll need a handy Fabric Mod Podge as it can easily adhere fabric to fabric. The best thing about it is that it keeps your decoupage clothes washable. 

Ultra Matte Chalk Mod Podge

Ultra matte chalk Mod Podgecomes with a super flat and smooth formula. You won’t find any Mod Podge giving a smoother effect than this one. Once you run your hand on the project coated with this Mod podge, you’ll get a soft feel along with a luxurious feel to your eyes. 

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium

It’s time to kick out the ordinary photo frames and use the technique of transferring images on wooden rounds and squares to make elegant hangings or key rings. You can do this by using a Mod Podge photo transfer medium. 

But let us clarify that it gives a white background. 

Mod Podge Puzzle Saver

If you’re a regular puzzler, you’ll know that puzzles need special sealing. And you can get that special sealing effect in the puzzle saver Mod podge. 

Regular Mod Podgecan also work in this regard, but it might not give as many good results as puzzle savers can. When you coat it on your puzzle, it doesn't just provide a perfect seal but also a fantastic gloss finish. 

Mod Podge Super Gloss - Resin

Mod Podge Gloss with a thick and sparkly finish is best for geode coasters or resin coasters. No! It’s not a decoupage medium but a casting resin used to do various projects. 

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Getting the authentic look of resin without toxicity has become possible due to this Mod Podge Dimensional magic. You can give epoxy-like finishing to paper crafts, jewels, and other crafts. Clear and glitter, both forms are available in this medium. 

Mod Podge Stiffy

Mod Podge Stiffy isn’t any decoupage medium. But it is used to stiffen different things, especially fabric, to get your desired 3D shape. 

You don’t need to glue or seal anything with it. Instead, you have to dip the fabric in Mod Podgestiffy. And as a result, it gets its perfect 3D shape. Isn’t it amazing? 

What are Some Special Mod Podge Formulas from the Mod Podge Family?

Apart from all the above-discussed Mod Podge glue sealer and finish formulas, there are some others to be discussed here. Although some of them don’t perform the function of glue, you can use them to get an exceptional finish on your crafts. 

These include:

Mod Podge Clear Chalkboard Topcoat

It’s not used in glueing any material on your projects. Instead, you can use it as a topcoat to turn your decoupage project into a chalkboard. You’ll get it in a clear and matte finish. 

Mod Podge Crackle Medium

Mod Podge Crackle Medium can help you get the best crackle effect on your project. But make sure to cover the Mod Podgewith the contrasting paint so that it gives the best finish. 

Sheer Colors

Regular Mod Podge sheer colors have no difference except they are tinted. But unfortunately, they are discontinued. 

Mod Podge Super Thick Gloss

Mod Podge Super Thick Gloss comes with a shiny and clear finish. It isn’t for glueing purposes, but it works in giving a super smooth texture just like epoxy to your projects. 

How Can you Use Mod Podge for Different Things? Step By Step Guide 

When done knowing about the variants, the next question that might pop into your mind will be, “what are the uses or what to do with it?” Is it so? 

Yay! We guessed it right. 

So let us spill the beans about its usage now. 

But before this, let us clarify that different things demand a different Mod Podge method. So we’re discussing its usage method separately for different things. 

Can You Mod Podge on Glass? Some Amazing Techniques

You can do decoupaging on glass by using things like tissues, stickers, ribbons, cards, and even fabric. But to make it a child’s play, you need to know some basic steps. 

Let’s first move towards these steps. After that, we’ll discuss some fantastic ideas to make eye-catching decoupage projects using mod podge. 


First,  prepare your glass by making it free from dust and any oil. For this, clean it using soap and water. If not, you can also use cotton balls dipped in rubbing alcohol. It’ll leave the surface shiny and clean. Now keep it aside for drying. 


If you want to have a more smooth look, paint the glass surface with some subtle coloured paint. Doing this will also enhance the glued material on it. If not, you can also skip this step. 


In the next step, cut the material into the required shape and size you want to use on glass. It can include fabric, ribbons, and anything you want to use. 


Apply Mod Podge to the cut material, glue all the pieces on the glass, and let them dry. 


In the final step, seal your material by giving a top coat of Mod Podge on the glass surface. Doing this will give a final finishing look that will feel smooth both to your hands and eyes.

How can you Make a Glitter Wine Glass with Mod Podge?

Do you have endless love for DIY projects? How about making a glitter wine glass using Mod Podgeto use as a piece of attraction in your room or to serve vodka at your parties? Here’s the detailed process for this.

Listing of Ingredients 

You need the following things to make a glitter wine glass with Mod podge. 

  • A clean glass jar
  • Mod podge
  • Paint brush or sponge brush
  • Small sized cup
  • Glitter

Detailed Process

Before starting making the glitter wine glass, take a computer paper and place it in front of you on the counter. Doing this won’t spread glitter everywhere.

Now take Mod Podgein a small cup and start spreading it on the glass jar using a sponge brush. Make sure to cover all the sides evenly. 

In order to take access to all the edges, take a PVC pipe and insert it in a balloon so that it acts as a stand inside the jar. If not, you can also wrap thick foam around the PVC pipe; it will work the same. 

Now make a second coat of Mod Podgecovering even the bottom of the glass. After this, hold the glass by keeping it above the computer paper. 

Sprinkle the glitter on the glass so that no part of the glass is left without it. Set it aside for about 15 to 20 minutes so that it becomes completely dry. Ta-dah! You’ve successfully made a wine glass using Mod Podgeand glitter. 


Does Mod Podge Work on Wood? How?

Mod Podge and woodwork are best when used together. You can use it in different ways to do wooden Mod Podge projects. One of the simplest methods is discussed below.


In the first step, clean the wood surface and remove all the dust. And if you can smoothen the surface, it would be a plus point. 


Now paint the wooden surface using acrylic paint. Light-coloured paint will look good in case you want your attached material to look clear. 


Cut the material available into your required shape according to the size of the wooden surface. Material can include anything like cards, paper, ribbons, fabric, or even paintings. 


In the next step, coat Mod Podge both on the wooden surface and at the back side of the material. Attach the Mod Podgecoated material on wood and let it dry for about 30 minutes. 


Finally, don’t forget to seal your attached material with the last coat of mod podge. You can do two to three coats or as per your requirements. 

How can You Transfer Photos on Wood With Mod Podge? 

Do you want to have something charming to give to your close buddies? How about making a wooden frame with their picture attached to the wood rounds? Yes, it’s a great idea. Not just as a gift, but you can also display it in your room. 

Here’s what you need to have.

Essentials For the Process

  • Mod podge
  • Wooden rounds
  • Paintbrush
  • Photo printed with a laser printer
  • Scissors
  • Towel

An All-Inclusive Note

Before moving towards anything else, print the photo on paper through a laser printer. Cut the picture into your required size, depending on the size of the wooden rounds. 

Dip a brush in your Mod Podge jar and spread it on the front side of the photo. And glue it on the wood with the front side down. Let it aside for 24 hours. 

Now take a wet towel and tap it on the photo to make it wet. After this, rub off the top coat of the paper using your fingers. Keep wetting the wood round and rubbing until all the paper is removed. 

In the last step, add another coat of Mod Podge to seal the photo and to give it a smooth finishing. 

Don’t forget to let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. 



How to Mod Podge Fabric?

Not just on the wood, but Mod Podge also works to glue fabric to different objects. Like you can glue a funky fabric in a wooden frame, or you can also shift any painting from paper to the back of your t-shirt. In this way, you can make your favorite designs on your apparel. 

Even the Mod Podgecan work to glue fabric to furniture. But for this, you need to know some basic steps. These are as follows.


Take a piece of fabric and wash it to ensure it’s clean.


When the fabric is dry, iron it and remove all the wrinkles.


Now cut the fabric as per your requirements and give a heavy coat of Mod Podgeto its back side. 


Glue the fabric on your clothing or furniture, whatever you want to decoupage. 


In the final step, add the last sealing coat of Mod Podgeon the entire surface of the project. And let it dry. Your decoupaged piece of cloth or furniture is ready to flaunt. 

What to Do to Make Fashion Jeans with Mod Podge?

Wearing your own designed jeans has become as easy as pie now. But all this has become possible due to the magical decoupage medium- Mod podge. If you also want to design your jeans and give off a gorgeous look, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

You Need to Have,

  • An attractive piece of cloth
  • Sponge brush
  • Mod podge
  • Pair of jeans

A Complete Guide 

Before heading towards the process, let us tell you that the fabric must not be too hard or too soft. It should be in between both the textures. 

Take the first step by coating the backside of the fabric with a Mod podge. Let it dry by placing it aside. 

No! You don't need to spread the Mod Podgeon jeans. 

When the fabric is fully dry, cut it in your desired shape and again give it a single coat of Mod podge. Glue it on your jeans. You can also make paint stitches on the boundaries to make it look like a stitched sticker. Use complementary coloured fabric to make it more eye-catching. 

Yay! You succeeded in making your own designed jeans. 


Supreme Points That Makes Mod PodgeMatchless Among Other Similar Products

Do you want to know what makes the Mod Podgestand high among a variety of other similar products? Or do you want to know why you need to switch to Mod Podge From your previous glue? Here’s a list of the points that make Mod Podgesecond to none. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Available in many variants
  • Easy clean as it’s water-based
  • High durability
  • Safe to use for all age groups, including kids
  • It can go well by mixing with acrylic paints
  • Usable in a variety of craft projects
  • It doesn’t smell harsh

Is Mod Podge Waterproof?

As Mod Podge Has sealing properties, some peeps think it’s waterproof. Let us bring you out of this confusion by saying "no" Mod Podge Isn't waterproof. 

A few drops of water can’t harm your Mod Podge Projects. But keep it in your mind that a lot of water can do a lot of harm to your Mod -podge crafts. 

When Mod Podgecomes in contact with water, you’ll see some clouding on the surface. And this cloud can stay there even when water is removed. 

Are Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge Waterproof? 

Both the dishwashing safe and Mod Podge are highly water resistant, but you can’t place them in the category of waterproof mediums. Let us tell you that these two variants are best to use for projects that have to be exposed to water. But this doesn’t mean you can place them underwater for an extended period. 

Final Words About “What is Modge Podge (Mod Podge)?”

After reading the entire article, we hope you can now clearly answer “what is Modge Podge?” It isn’t just a handy decoupage glue but also keeps its sealing and finishing properties. In short, it’s the essential of decoupaging that you can’t ignore at any cost.

Let us summarize by saying that Mod Podge is available in different variants and must be there in your art supplies. In order to get the best results, have a glance at the type of your projects, and then pick the best match of Mod Podge according to it. 

Indeed, each of the variants is second to none in its features and, ultimately you’ll love Mod Podge as your all in one glue. 

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