Diamond Dotz Vs Diamond Painting - Difference Explained in Detail

Diamond Dotz Vs Diamond Painting - Difference Explained in Detail

If you're new to the shiny and sparkly world of diamond art, you often might find yourself confused between terms like diamond dotz vs diamond painting. The difference is not complicated; diamond dotz are part of the kit used for diamond painting. This new art form is quite relaxing and easy to learn. 

Diamond dotz are the diamonds-like glass rhinestones you apply to the printed painting following a combo of paint-by-numbers and the cross stitch pattern. On the other hand, Diamond Painting is the finished diamond painting on an adhesive printed canvas. 

The canvas is mostly made of fabric with a pattern of small identical squares. The painting has a chart to follow to make the art. Each color is marked with a symbol used for reference to apply diamond dotz. 

Apart from painting, you can create various art projects with Diamond dotz. For instance, you can create diamond art on pillow covers, candles, tote bags, and framed pictures.

This not-so-new stunning diamond craft has been popular among kids and adults alike. Unlike other arts, diamond painting is quite easy. To start this new hobby, you don't need to be an art expert. Let's dig deep into what diamond dotz is for and how you can do the diamond painting.


Diamond Painting Vs Diamond Dotz: What’s the Difference? 

Diamond Dotz are shiny little resin dotz that you apply on a polyester fabric canvas using the stylus pen and wax. The diamond dotz has facet cuts that make them shine, and these dotz comes in 2.5mm in size. Diamond dotz are available in several types that we will look at, but let's first see what the diamond painting is 

Just like its name sound, it’s a diamond painting made with diamond dotz. This new buzz-worthy craft is also referred to as diamond embroidery. 

Sounds cool? 

But for some, putting each diamond on the canvas might look like a lot of work. However, the whole process is fun and worth experiencing once. 

The diamond dotz comes with complete kits that you can use to make a diamond painting. Using the chart on the fabric square, you must use a pen tool to place the diamond dots in the right color square. 


What's in the Diamond Painting Kits?

The kit for diamond painting includes resin diamond dotz, a printed adhesive canvas, plastic carry to hold the diamonds, a pen tool, and wax to apply the diamonds on the canvas. 

Almost all brands have the same material in the kit, yet quality varies. Always go for a better quality kit. The canvas is mostly made of 100% polyester fabric with a printed painting. 

The fabric is an adhesive canvas on which the artist has to apply the dotz. So, better quality ensures the secure placement of the diamond on the canvas.

There is also a number grid with symbols on the side of the fabric that guide color placing. The canvas comes with a cellophane cover. Moreover, the kit comes with small plastic bags. Labeled plastic bags contain multiple packages of dotz sorted by color and coded for easy use.


How Exactly is the Diamond Painting Done with Diamond Dotz?

Diamond paintings are not only easy but also a fun activity—all you need are these simple steps before buying your first kit. 

Step 1: Wash and dry your hands so the canvas doesn't get dirty or wet. 

Step 2: Open your canvas on a flat surface and remove the protective cover from the adhesive surface; this surface has a transparent glue poured. 

Step 3: Take your first color diamond dotz and place them in the caddy with the kit. Make sure only to take half of them so picking them won't cause trouble. 

Step 4:

  • Follow the key instruction on the side of the canvas.
  • Identify the symbol and number of dotz.
  • Apply them in their right spot. 

Note: The chart contains different symbols. Each color of the diamond matches a specific symbol. Canvas show letters and symbols to refer to where you need to use which color of the diamond. Start with one symbol and locate where it correlates with the diamond colors on the chart. 

Step 5: Take the stylus and press it into a wax pot. Properly coat the tip of the stylus and closes the wax caddy. 

Step 6: Pick the diamond with the help of a stylus from the round side.

Step 7: Now, the fun part begins. Spot the symbol and place the flat side of the diamond dotz onto the adhesive surface. 

Keep one color at a time and complete the design, or you can work with multiple colors simultaneously. It's up to you how you find it easy. Another important tip is to only remove the protective film from the small part of the canvas where you're working. Removing it all at once will dry down or come in touch with dirt or skin that will ruin the adhesive surface.

The painting is easy to follow because the chart shows which letter corresponds with which diamond color dotz. 



Why Should you Do Diamond Painting with Diamond Dotz?

Other than enjoying your piece of art, some of the reasons why diamond dotz and diamond painting are becoming popular among adults are: 

  • It boosts your creative confidence. 
  • You become part of an artist circle of friends. 
  • Unplug yourself from the harmful attachment of the screen 
  • Reduce sadness keeps you happy
  • Satisfy you with self achievements 
  • Improve your patience 
  • Improve your brain at hand movement 
  • Help improve focus 
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure 


Is Diamond Painting Easy? 

Yes, diamond art is the easiest and most fun hobby you or your kiddo can try. There is no age limit when it comes to diamond art. However, keep it out of reach from children under 36 months. Little kids can swallow the dotz, and that will be dangerous. 


How Long Does it Take to Complete the Diamond Painting?

The time of completing a diamond art depends from person to person. How many hours can they spend on it without getting bored? 

You can spend hours and complete it in a day, or you can work in chunks by spending a week completing one painting only. The smaller canvas usually takes 4-5 hours, while the larger kits can take up to 20 hours to complete.


How Should You Store Diamond Dotz? 

Whether you’re done with the craft or left it middle way, storing the leftover diamond dotz is important. You can use them later if you store them properly. 

The easiest way is to buy a lot of plastic bags. The diamond kit companies don't send enough bags to store each color separately, so you have to buy your own.

Divide diamond dotz according to color and put them in the plastic bag; you can mark them with their code number. Once you have little plastic bags full of shiny diamonds ready, put them in a storage box. 

Or you buy a bead storage tray, also known as a crafter tray, to store the diamond dotz 


What's the Difference Between 3D and 5D Diamond Dotz?

The only difference between the 3D and 5D diamonds are the number of facet on each diamond. The 5D diamond Dotz has 5 facets on each side, creating more realistic finish results. 

3D diamond Dotz has 3 facets on each side and is most often used by children, and is comparatively a little easier to apply on canvas than 5D. 5D tends to reflect more light and give a better-optimized picture. 


What's the Difference Between Round and Square Shape Diamonds?

The diamond dots comes in two shapes, square and round; when you buy a kit, you need to check if the kit has round diamond dotz or square ones; there is not much difference in using both apart from the fact that round diamonds are easier to use. You don't need to worry about the right orientation of each diamond; while using a round one, they go smooth on canvas but leave some gap in between, revealing the canvas's colors. 

On the other hand, square diamonds need a little more effort on the artist's side. You have to make sure each is placed in the right direction. 

The finished look will be ruined if you're not careful with the orientation. However, they’re not that difficult if applied edge to edge; they create satisfying results. 

There is another type which is called AB diamonds. AB diamond dotz has a special coating that gives off the Northern lights' effect. 


What's the Difference Between a Full Drill Vs. a Partial Drill?

There are two types of diamond painting: a full drill and a partial drill diamond painting. You might have guessed from the name that the full drills are the painting canvas; once you complete them, they’re covered with diamonds, leaving no space. 

However, partial drill paintings are not fully covered with the diamond when finished. The latter is used to highlight some of the parts of the images more. 

As a beginner, you can start with partial drills because it’ll take less time. 


Wrapping Up: Should you Try Diamond Painting? 

How amazing diamond dotz art sounds! We recommend trying it out. While we talk about how this new trending art is helpful for stress relief and has many benefits, plus its fun activity. 

The whole process seems a little intimidating for some. However, in reality, it’s really helpful for your mind; the whole poetic process of classifying diamonds, picking them up one by one, and placing them on canvas requires stimulation of the mind and hands. That's why this is a great mental exercise for better cognitive skills. 

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